Institutul de Biologie si Patologie Celulara

Building Name: Institutul de Biologie si Patologie Celulara
Category: Other
Address: Str. B.P. Hasdeu nr. 8, sector 5, Bucuresti
Developer: I.B.P.C.
Chief Architect: S.C. Promoterm HVAC S.R.L.
Whole Area: 5070 m²
Height: D+P+3E
Phase: DTAC, PTh, DE
Building Year: 2009-2011
Description: The main works of anchorage, rehabilitation, arrangement, compartment are carring out at actual cages of building from the enclosure of Biology and Cellular Pathology Institute «Nicolae Simionescu» so on: building A - P+E level - amphitheatre + cage of liaison; building B - D+P+3E level - laboratory and offices; building C - P+ bridge level - administrative spaces and work rooms; building D - P level - thermal power station

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