Ansamblul Fundeni

Building Name: Ansamblul Fundeni
Category: Residential
Address: Sos. Fundeni, nr. 27-29 A, sector 2, Bucuresti
Developer: S.C. Vilaeuro Company S.R.L.
Chief Architect: S.C. Proiect Bucuresti- Grup Consultanta Imobiliare S.R.L.
Whole Area: 8100 m²
Height: 2S+P+8E-9E retras
Phase: DTAC+PTh+DE
Building Year: 2009
Description: The assembly is overbuilding in 3 stages. In the first stage -UTR1 are overbuilding 3 blocks with 2S+P+8E-9E levels and 258 apartments. Our project comprises sanitary installations (water and sewage), fire fighting installations (interior hydrants, exterior hydrants and sprinklers) and exterior underground networks for water, sewage and exterior hydrants.

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