Tabara Domnesti, judet Ilfov

Building Name: Tabara Domnesti, judet Ilfov
Category: Hotels
Address: Comuna Domnesti, judet Ilfov
Developer: S.C. OMS Trans SRL
Chief Architect: Bucuresti International Proiect
Whole Area: 5000 m²
Height: P+1
Phase: DTAC, PTh
Building Year: 2011-2012
Description: The camp for children and young people from Domnesti, judet Ilfov comprises four buildings with P+1E levels with the following destinations: building A - meeting rooms, kitchens for food preparations, sanitary groups, offices and technical spaces; building B and C- each of them 24 rooms for two persons; building D - spaces for security guard We also design external networks for water, sewage and fire fighting installations

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