Imobil locuinte Bdul Timisoara 89-91, Bucuresti

Building Name: Imobil locuinte Bdul Timisoara 89-91, Bucuresti
Category: Residential
Address: Bdul Timisoara, nr. 89-91, sector 6, Bucuresti
Developer: Carciumaru Gheorghe
Chief Architect: All Plan Construction
Whole Area: 19712 m²
Height: 2S+P+14 E+Et. tehn
Phase: DTAC+PTh+DE
Building Year: 2011-2012
Description: The immobile is a high building with 2S+P+14E+technical floor levels, with two underground parking, commercial spaces at ground floor, offices at one level and apartments of two or three rooms at levels 2-14. We design sanitary installations(water and sewage), fire fighting installations(interior and external hydrants, dry columns, sprinklers, drenchers), fire water house, and external networks of water, sewage and fire fighting.

From Portfolio

Parcul Tineretului Residencial Tower (2007)

Four residential building with 9 to 12 floors, holding 288 apartments. At the basement there are 296 parking places and technical facilities.

Cora AFI - Ploiesti (2012)

The project consists of sanitary installations and fire fighting installations for Hypermarket Cora AFI Ploiesti, positioned in Commercial Centre AFI ...(more)