Povernei Residence

Building Name: Povernei Residence
Category: Residential
Address: Str. Povernei, nr. 1-3, sector 1, Bucuresti
Developer: Rosetti Estates
Chief Architect: VI-3 Design
Whole Area: 5000 m²
Height: 2S+P+2/4E
Phase: DTAC, PTh
Building Year: 2011-2012
Description: In the enclosure we have designed sanitary installations(water and sewage) and fire fighting installations (interior hydrants and drencher) for two buildings: the patrimony building C1 which will be consolidated and restored, has S+P+3E+M levels, and the destination offices and commercial spaces; the new building C2, has 2S+P+4E levels, two underground parking for 31 auto, commercial spaces at ground floor and 8 apartments at 1-4 levels

From Portfolio

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